they are not for eating

April 30, 2012

Yeah, I get it–eating bone marrow is what gave us our big brains, a couple million years ago. Whatever.

Unless I become a zombie or I’m trapped on a lifeboat in the middle of the ocean (with you), the stuff on the inside of bones is not for me.

Unless, you know, I’m sitting in a hip restaurant downtown with Kim and my father in law and his wife, and the menu actually fairly shouts “Hey, we offer bone marrow as a side dish!”

In that case, still no.

Unless someone at the table (Kim) dares me. Then, well, what are you gonna do?

Eat the marrow. I hear it’s good for my brain.

presentation is everything

seriously? it's like bone jelly

does NOT taste like chicken, but i can feel myself getting smarter

this pic really just to show how as my hair recedes, my nose grows. yay.


11 Responses to “they are not for eating”

  1. Steve Says:

    um, NO. Just, NO. You were right the first two times you said it. Have you no back bone? Just because of a dare!!?? NO I say.

  2. kanyonkris Says:

    Hopefully the bone marrow made you smart enough to say no next time.

    Isn’t bone marrow the main ingredient in Oreos? (evil)

  3. BM Says:

    Been there. Many years ago, my introduction to calamari (a name clearly contrived to prevent what would otherwise be a marketing nightmare) occurred under identical circumstances.

    And are you sure its not just your forehead expanding? Possibly to accommodate the increased brain mass?

    • kanyonkris Says:

      Yes, calamari has a nice lilt to it, like shangrila. Much nicer to order calamari than squid tentacles. Rubberiness aside, I like calamari.

  4. VA Biker Says:

    Hideous. You were tricked. By family. Sad days indeed.

  5. roan Says:

    YumYum, Next time try it sushi style to true brain enhancement. The really fresh stuffing is the best. And the best place to enjoy is in your man cave. NEXT Step, visit Clinton, MT. (google it)

  6. planetjenn Says:

    Hint…when they try to sell you something that the butcher gives me for free, to feed to me DOGS…well, just sayin’.

    Also, kanyonkris, if this stuff is in Oreos, shouldn’t it follow, then, that dug is one of the smartest people we know?

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