core team rides again (well, some of us)

May 17, 2012

Over the last few years it’s been hard to get the core team together for anything, much less a lunch ride. Back in the day, I rarely rode with anybody but the core team. But life happens, and some have moved to Chicago (not Bob, who has not moved to Chicago (Brad did), but still owns the rights to “Chicaaaaaagoooooooo!”) and Seattle (where Bob actually moved to), and we work at different places (except me n Ricky now work together), and whatever, yada yada yada.

In a strange confluence of factors, we got a quorum of the core team together Wednesday for a Corner Canyon (a quorum = at least 2/3 of the core team) lunch ride. (From Draper pool, up full Ann’s, up and down Jacob’s, Ghost, across BST/Mike Weir, and back to pool).

Of course, in this new Strava-based world, riding “together” really means regrouping at junctions to apply CPR, oxygen, all that. Which is okay. We all ride alone between junctions and trailheads, really. Don’t we?

Also, I am sorely vexed. Notice in this video that I am about 2 seconds behind Cori on the Jacob’s downhill. Then go to the Strava feed and notice how Strava game him a podium time of 4:06 (second overall), and Ricky got a 4:30, good enough for 12th overall.

Strava gave me a 7:30. Watch it Strava–I’m going to burn the place down if this keeps up. A podium on the Jacob’s downhill is like my Swingline stapler.

Strava has drawn me here. I will never be rid of my need for it. I hate and love Strava, just as I hate and love myself.

Something like that.

[also, the song was made by my son ian. just him and fl studio. it’s called strobe remix.]

13 Responses to “core team rides again (well, some of us)”

  1. rsunderlage Says:

    Just like old times but instead of climbing the goat trail we have sweet singletrack everywhere we look.

    • dug Says:

      yeah, the goat path. good times. back then we thought it was soooo good. i guess when the goat is all ya got, it’s all ya love.

  2. Elden Says:

    I like the way I get lots of extra time in the video because I get in front of you for the downhill, forcing you to go at approximately 1/4 your normal descending speed. No Strava for you for that section!

    • dug Says:

      it’s okay, you just saved me the frustration of going really fast on a downhill and then having strava clock you 2 minutes faster than me.

  3. mtb w Says:

    You need to call yourselves the “Core Crew” so this ride/video can be called “Core Crew Cruises Corner Canyon”

  4. Sleepy Says:

    Great video. Strava has clocked me at 7:00+ three times now on Jacobs. I am considering a sacrifice ceremony at the top of Jacobs to the Strava gods for forgiveness and a legitimate time.

    • dug Says:

      solidarity brother.

      it’s like 7 is the default penalty number. like we missed a roadblock or u-turn or something, and we’ve had a 3 minute penalty added to our time.


  5. ricky Says:

    still not sure what you did to piss off the strava gods. keep trying, though. you’ll get a hit. stay in the box and watch the ball.

    such a great ride…

    • kanyonkris Says:

      reminds me of the definition of insanity.

      Perhaps the high-tech GPS data you send to Strava just goes to a room full of monkey typing random times.

  6. Bob B. Says:

    I was there in spirit, taking a nap next to the trailhead.

  7. kanyonkris Says:

    Good to see you guys get out for a ride together. Nice route, classic CC.

    Did that hot dog stay down? How you ride so strong eating food of this kind?

  8. planetjenn Says:

    Just finished (and loaded to Strava) one of my very favorite routes. The Garmin tells me I burned 2180 calories, Strava says 889. Which one of THOSE do you think I’m going to listen to?

    Here’s a hint: “Bite me, Strava.”

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