not reese’s and main baldy–two tales in one part

May 29, 2012

Remember all those old Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup commercials, where someone is inexplicably walking down the street eating out of a jar of peanut butter like a homeless person?

So, when we visited City Creek Mall downtown over the weekend, and made the mandatory stop at the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory for some fudge (spawning the phrase now written on my office window “the fudge counter is always packed”), and saw their brave new confection “Chocolate Dipped Bacon Strips” I, of course, had to partake. I mean, bacon? And chocolate? Shyeah.

Welllll . . . not so much.

of course it looks yummy. they could make my spleen look yummy dipping it in chocolate

what we call the hopeful “please be good” stage

reality sets in

disappointed resignation. “at least i still have this diet coke. i love you diet coke.”

ian was not impressed.

In short–two great tastes, NOT great together. No creepy man appeared behind us to bless the union.

Also, me n Holden n Ian hiked and skied the main baldy chute at Alta yesterday (Memorial Day). It was good. Unfortunately, the Contour died just as we got to the top, so only still shots for the descent.

ian showing some leg

holden navigating the mank

yes, i was there too

8 Responses to “not reese’s and main baldy–two tales in one part”

  1. Rob (Dug's brother) Says:

    1) It seems that Diet Coke is present at all of your life’s epiphanies. Next time, try one of their divine Caramel Apple flavors. They slice it for you!! (for some reason, they leave the stick though, which is baffling, since no one eats the inner circle of an apple. That would be like someone eating a chocolate covered bacon strip)
    Makes all the difference.

    2) I think you were photoshopped in that 3rd ski picture. You definitely look photoshopped in. definitely, definitely.
    Nice touch putting a ski there for authenticity.

  2. cubsfarr Says:

    Here, up north, some bakery pushes maple bars with bacon on top. You decide.

  3. VA Biker Says:

    So, last month I made a connecting flight at SLC. Lo, in the vending machine near the gate was DC with Lime. Being so close to Dug and Elden, I had to give it a try.

    I normally don’t care so much for DC (or any other diet beverage), but I have to say I did like this concoction. I think the local demand by The Core Group causes it to be in supply. It’s not to be had on store shelves in my chunk o’ the US. Bottom line: I would buy it again.

    BTW, what’s the shelf life of chocolate-covered bacon? Different if cured vs. uncured and/or turkey vs. pork? Was it refrigerated when purchased? (Can’t see where a “best by” date could be applied too readily.)

  4. kanyonkris Says:

    Your disappointed resignation photo looks like Nixon during Watergate, well played. Thanks for taking one for the team.

  5. Brandon Says:

    Very cool way to spend a day with your boys.

  6. Anonymous Says:

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