who are you talking to?

June 26, 2012

Driving home from work this week (from Thanksgiving Point to Suncrest, along the Timpanogos Highway), I spied a local version of a minivan (a big black Escalade) with a Mitt Romney bumper sticker.

I just don’t know where to start.

You’re driving along the Timp Highway toward Alpine, Utah. In a giant Escalade.

If there’s a redder town in a redder state in the country, I don’t know about it.


So, just who are you talking to with that bumper sticker? Your neighbors? A potential employer? Your father in law?

In 2004 over 70% of Utah citizens voted for Bush, with zero counties going Blue. None.

And Mitt Romney is Mormon. Which means in 2012, about 90% of Utah citizens will vote for Romney.

Which means that putting a Mitt Romney bumper sticker on your car in Alpine, UT, is kind of like putting on a bumper sticker that says “I breathe” or “this giant Escalade is black.”

Seriously. Who is the audience for that sticker?


17 Responses to “who are you talking to?”

  1. Rob (Dug's brother) Says:

    Um… you?!

  2. dug Says:

    well, maybe.

    but, like Bérenger, I AM NOT CAPITULATING

  3. Rabidrunner Says:

    I don’t think these folks are trying to talk to anyone. I think they are more concerned with displaying their club membership than actually converting others. Goes for most stickers really – 26.2, Ragnar, My Kid is an Honor Student, Lotoja, I See Dead People, My Kid Beat Up Your Honor Student, etc.

    • dug Says:

      sort of a star bellied sneetch kind of thing.

      it all seems so masturbatory.

      • Andy (the vile betrayer) Says:

        You seem really worked up about this El Guappo. Perhaps you are mad at something else and you are taking it out on those around you? Like the utah county automaton?

  4. Andy (the vile betrayer) Says:

    Breathe Doug, just breathe. In and out, calm and relaxing. Just like Obama is not the devil incarnate, so too Mitt isn’t either. It’s okay. In fact, its better than okay, cause Mitt will fix the economy, which will be better for everyone. Let the next guy fix/not fix all the social issues. Then you can bitch and moan all you want about the irrelevancy of certain bumper stickers in Utah County.

    • dug Says:

      really? first the betrayal, then from across the river of filth, this?

      • Andy (the vile betrayer) Says:

        Across the river of filth? Tell Paula that I am giggling uncontrollably. Bumper stickers such as “W” “McCain-Palin”, “Y” heck even “Pickard-Riker” give us all a sense of meaning and purpose. Without which, we would all decay into various incendiary activities such as swearing, lying, cheating, and of course the aforementioned betrayal. You forgot to mention the Daddy, Mommy, and gender specific sandals/butterflies/mickey mouse heads which adorn the rear windows of many of the same make/model of vehicles here in happy valley.

  5. Miles Archer Says:

    A visitor from a swing state?

  6. roan Says:

    Maybe it’s a protection sticker, for example if you owned a big black Escalade and lived in Chicago but really to voting for McCain/Palin…what sticker you going to put on your wheels if you want to SEE them in the morning ?
    Sorta like the phone calls I get…they ask for me by name then tell me my answers will be anonymous. My answers are all the opposite to reality.

  7. kanyonkris Says:

    Pretty sure Romney stickers are mandatory deal-installed when you buy an Escalade in Utah County. Like underwear monogrammed with a crown if you’re royalty.

  8. LidsB2 Says:

    Resistance is futile…you will assimilate. (It was too sweet to pass up!)

    So, what’s the difference between the Escalade and your sweet Air Nautique? Or your house on the hill in Suncrest? I admire both, by the way. As for the sticker, maybe it just says “I like Romney, and I don’t mind divulging this fact.”

    We sometimes think/say too much about what people wear, ride, drive, eat, blah, blah blah. Live and let live, smile and treat others with respect and dignity. Occasional thought provoking questions can be good too…such as one space or two between sentences?

    I love the recent videos, dug. Nice work!

    • dug Says:

      lids, i’m not sure how i’ve given you the impression that reasonable, non-inflammatory, polite discourse is acceptable here. have you met me?

      anyway. i have no real defense. except, the boat isn’t mine (mother in law’s), and my house isn’t any different than other houses just because it’s on a hill.

      also, it’s not “I like Romney, and I don’t mind divulging this fact.”, it’s i like romney, and i want everyone who drives behind me to know it. even romney doesn’t campaign in utah. what would be the point?

      and finally, it’s one space. two spaces has been over for a loooooong time. not a debate.

      and finally finally, thanks.

  9. Six Says:

    Hmmm. That gives me a positively wicked idea……

  10. Mr Simple Says:

    If only you were like Berenger the simplistic drunk. You would not be plagued by these conundrums you seek out.

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