big days day

February 18, 2013

Me n the two Tylers got out Saturday trying to get deeper into Days. About 4,000 feet later we were satisfied. There’s good snow in them thar hills. The helis beat us there, but they left a little for us.

I’ve only been getting video of the descents lately, cuz I broke my Contour, but I still have my magic goggles.

Maybe I should sell the magic goggles and buy some new base layers. Because now, I can wash my smart wool base and new Artcteryx shirt over and over, but the moment the hike begins, all the stink returns, like Hamlet’s sins. I don’t know if I’m attracting or repelling the wild life.

Don’t answer that. It wasn’t a question anyway.

7 Responses to “big days day”

  1. bikemike Says:

    Can i give a rhetorical answer to a question that was never asked?

  2. Stevenbpt Says:

    Yes to all 3 questions. Please buy new base layers. The wildlife you would attract would not be welcome. The wildlife you would repel is likely to include your kids and one should always keep them in arms reach no matter how annoying they might get. And your sins may be amplifying the effect. Just sayin. What was the question again?

  3. kanyonkris Says:


    The poor gogglecam got snowblind – nice, sunny day.

    What was that funky music, whiteboy?

  4. ty Says:

    you left out the chocolate chip cookies?

  5. Adventure Nell Says:

    As per KanyonKris, what is this music???

  6. dug Says:

    really? no prince fans in the crowd?

    7 by prince. 1992.

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