pearls before swine?

March 13, 2013

You know how if you share something super important to you, like, say, your favorite movie, or a favorite restaurant, and they hate it, you know how that sucks? Or even suckier, if they’re indifferent?

So I’m talking to Ian the other day. You know, the Ian who is totally into electronic music, some dubstep, Bonobo and the like, and who wants me to listen to it all the time whenever we’re in the car. Or everywhere.

Anyway. Earlier that day (the day when I was talking to Ian), I had watched the first song from Stop Making Sense, Psycho Killer, and had this wave of nostalgia wash over me–Stop Making Sense was my first midnight movie (that I stayed awake for–my first was The Song Remains the Same–who can stay awake for that at midnight?), and it’s awesome, and I love it, and so should everyone. EVERYONE!

So I pulled up the Psycho Killer video on my phone and said to Ian (who loves music, so of course would love something as awesome and groundbreaking and important as this) “hey Ian. Watch this.” (No pressure, right? It’s just my soul I handed to you just now.)

He watched it in silence. And then said “That was weird.” And handed my phone back to me.

Remember the movie Broadcast News, when Jack Nicholson rips Albert Brooks’ heart out on the set, and Albert leans in and whispers to Holly Hunter “I’m going to go outside and cry. When I go, laugh like I just told you something hysterical so nobody knows I’m dying inside.”

It was kind of like that.

(Except, right after that, Ian said “hey, can we watch the next Godfather movie tonight?” And then later he said “so I’ve kind of been listening to nothing but Radiohead lately.” It’s hard to be mad at someone who says stuff like that.)


10 Responses to “pearls before swine?”

  1. kanyonkris Says:

    Hi. I’ve got some comments I want to play…

    As a fellow Heads fan I felt a pang of disappointment from Ian’s indifferent response. I feel your pain, even if it is second hand.

    Stop Making Sense blew me away when I saw it just out of high school. It’s my favorite concert video, by a million. The genius minimalist production, the perfect song set, the inspired solos, the palpable energy. It pushes all of my buttons.

    I hope you pointed out to Ian that the Stop Making Sense, Psycho Killer video has been seen over 2 MILLION times. Sure it’s no billion Gang Nam Style, but for something old, that’s notable.

    OK, I’m watching/listening to the whole Stop Making Sense and it’s picking me up.

    I’m glad Ian threw you the Godfather and Radiohead bones, otherwise I’d be texting you every half hour as a suicide watch.

    You’re a strong man to share your soul with your kids. I have protected myself by not being so forthcoming – I don’t think I could handle the rejection. I have been pleased when my daughters have liked some of my music, books, movies.

  2. BM Says:

    Man, I could have written that one myself. So many anecdotes. Like the time I slid the Aja cd into the player. My son is a gifted musician so how could he not appreciate Steely Dan? The players on that record are the Navy Seals of music, right? Four bars into ‘Home At Last’ he proclaims “It’s really not my thing.”

    How could he even know that???

    But then there was the tear of joy when at 16 he told me he thought that Revolver was one of the three best records ever made. I turned away so as not to discourage him.

  3. kanyonkris Says:

    Just finished the whole Stop Making Sense on YouTube, I’m still winning.

  4. kanyonkris Says:

    Perhaps the subtlety of Psycho Killer with just David Byrne playing wasn’t enough to capture teenager Ian.

    How about something more potent like Burning Down the House – not my favorite but it was a hit and performed live it’s got some kick.

    Or one of my favorites, Life During Wartime with the soaring synth solos, DB twitching on the ground and the running.

    Would the abstract absurdity of What A Day That Was resonate with Ian? Hmm, risky.

    The surrealism and jerky dancing (same as it ever was) of Once In A Lifetime? Might do the trick..

    The big suit with Girlfriend Is Better?

    If Ian won’t tune out during the intro, maybe the frantic energy of the final song, Crosseyed and Painless will work?

    So dug, do you double down and show Ian another pearl or cut your losses and bid your time, years maybe?

  5. dug Says:

    i cut my losses. immediately.

  6. bob Says:

    October 18th, 1983. Memorial Coliseum, Lexington, Ky. Saw that live. Live, much better than movie.

  7. cantareros Says:

    It saddens me to think that I will never hear my daughters utter the words “hey, can we watch the next Godfather movie tonight?” Give Ian his man card, and let me to die inside in peace knowing that at some point in my life (hopefully in my dotage) I will watch Anne of Green Gables.

    • dug Says:

      don’t give up simon. my daughter wants to watch horror movies with me. she does NOT want to watch anne of green gables with me.

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