save it for later

March 19, 2013

Occasionally I get emails from alert readers and friends who (reasonably) think that something ridiculous or obscene or disgusting fits right in my blog wheelhouse. I have no idea where they get this idea. So mostly I simply ignore these “helpful” suggestions.

But today, Jon, friend, beloved bike builder, and all around good guy, sent me two pics from a bathroom in St. George that I could not leave alone.

First, the scene:

seems innocent enough

seems innocent enough

Okay, no big deal. Just a regular bathroom. But let’s zoom in a bit. What’s that on top of the soap dispenser?

yup. there it is.

yup. there it is.

Why, that’s gum.

And that’s a thing that makes you go Hmmm. Because

  1. the gum is chewed.
  2. there is a trash can nearby, but the gum was instead carefully placed on top of the soap dispenser.
  3. if the gum is chewed, and not thrown away, does that indicate the chewer needed the space in his or her mouth for something else?
  4. after consuming the “something else” (in the bathroom!?) was the chewer planning on retrieving and chewing the gum again?
  5. this is a bathroom. most things, including solids, give off some form of airborne particulate matter.
  6. ew.

Jon, thanks for sharing. These things are too much to carry alone, and we are with you.


9 Responses to “save it for later”

  1. Andy Says:

    That’s where I left it…thanks. I’ll swing by and pick it up next time I’m down there at the outlet malls. Need some new crocs.

  2. jruss Says:

    the taste is gonna move ya.

  3. roan Says:

    Wholly crap…here’s something to chew on. Did you sniff it ? What flavor ?

  4. Marion Says:

    Why is here a handicap bar horizontally over the back of the toilet?

  5. Bob B. Says:

    A lot of people brush their teeth in office bathrooms. My first theory is that the gentleman took out his post-meal gum, brushed his teeth, and forgot to retrieve his gum. In fact, I’ll bet the gum never crossed his mind again. It’s not like he left behind a retainer or a reusable condom. He just left behind his gum.

    Another theory is that the same tooth-brushing guy remembered the gum and decided it wasn’t in his best interest to put that gum back in his mouth. He glared at the gum on his way out.

    Another theory is that the gentleman is semi-thoughtful about making a mess in public bathrooms. He was thoughtful enough not to throw the gum in the urinal, but he wasn’t thoughtful enough to throw it in the trash can. (Wait! there isn’t a urinal in the photo! This could have been a woman! I’ve heard that women do crazy things in public bathrooms!)

    Another theory is that a guy tried to spit the gum against the wall, and it bounced off the wall and landed on the soap dispenser, and then the guy peed, zipped, spat, and left without flushing or washing his hands. Maddox!

  6. kanyonkris Says:

    Agreed, the chewed gum presents disturbing possibilities.

    I’m also puzzled by the vial on the counter (perfume, lotion?) and the first aid kit under the ass gaskets.

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