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March 19, 2013

Occasionally I get emails from alert readers and friends who (reasonably) think that something ridiculous or obscene or disgusting fits right in my blog wheelhouse. I have no idea where they get this idea. So mostly I simply ignore these “helpful” suggestions.

But today, Jon, friend, beloved bike builder, and all around good guy, sent me two pics from a bathroom in St. George that I could not leave alone.

First, the scene:

seems innocent enough

seems innocent enough

Okay, no big deal. Just a regular bathroom. But let’s zoom in a bit. What’s that on top of the soap dispenser?

yup. there it is.

yup. there it is.

Why, that’s gum.

And that’s a thing that makes you go Hmmm. Because

  1. the gum is chewed.
  2. there is a trash can nearby, but the gum was instead carefully placed on top of the soap dispenser.
  3. if the gum is chewed, and not thrown away, does that indicate the chewer needed the space in his or her mouth for something else?
  4. after consuming the “something else” (in the bathroom!?) was the chewer planning on retrieving and chewing the gum again?
  5. this is a bathroom. most things, including solids, give off some form of airborne particulate matter.
  6. ew.

Jon, thanks for sharing. These things are too much to carry alone, and we are with you.



big pimpin

May 1, 2012

Bringing a Smile to Utah

National Smile Month is coming to Utah, as West Family Dental will be holding a special event to back the international campaign.

To show their support, the team from West Family Dental in Murray Utah, will be holding a ‘Best Smile in Utah’ contest from May 1 through May 30, 2012 that aims to put the smile into National Smile Month. By holding the contest on their facebook page, the team hope to raise awareness of how important oral health is. The grand prize is up to $4000 worth of free dental procedure(s) for the winner’s friend, family member, or themselves, plus a $250 gift card.

Dr West from West Family Dental said: “National Smile Month is an excellent opportunity to bring an element of fun to a serious issue.

“Good oral health is vital for a healthy smile as well as a healthy body, and we’ll be spreading that message at our facebook page via the contest.”

The Foundation’s Chief Executive Dr Nigel Carter said: “I’m delighted that West Family Dental has joined the many schools, colleges, health professionals and other dental practices in engaging with National Smile Month. It is a great reflection of local community spirit and an excellent way to promote good oral health.

“Taking place from May 1 to May 30, the campaign is an ideal opportunity to learn about oral health in a fun and positive way.

“By making an event as fun and imaginative as possible, we hope it will inspire more people to join in the fun than ever before while delivering the Foundation’s three key messages for good oral health of brush for two minutes twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste, cut down on how often you have sugary foods and drinks and visit the dentist regularly – as often as they recommend.”

For more information please visit, and/or their facebook page:


January 23, 2012

My company just relocated from some pretty low grade class B office space to some pretty awesome Class A office space that I can see from my house. Almost. (It’s right behind Russia.)

The break room is sweet, with a giant electronic key card honor snack/drink area, the lobby is full of cool glass sculptures, and I’m ten minutes from Corner Canyon.

But let’s cut to the chase. It’s all about the bathrooms.

Yup, that’s soothing art on the wall.

No touchy water fountains and paper towel dispensers, no touchy flushers. Nice.

Oh. And we’re a Leed Certified (Eco SUPER Friendly–hybrid cars get front row parking) building. So, no water in the urinals (that we don’t put there ourselves).

I guess this is nice. Here’s my problem–that pee turf matt is crooked. I’m going to need some Leed Certified tongs to straighten it.

getting by

January 6, 2012

According to most reports, the Wasatch is off to the fourth worst (worst being driest) starts to Winter in, like, forever. Since people who cared started keeping track, anyway. And it’s the worst in over 35 years.

I stole this from a Facebook post:

This winter of my discontent has not helped alleviate the year of the Great Suck, nor has it diminished my ennui.

However, THIS has helped:

The snow may not be deep, but it’s kind of like Utah lake–8 feet isn’t deep, but it’ll float your boat.

It’s deep enough for this:

And this:

In short, we’re getting by.

We’ve missed you Ian:

Maddy, it may be deep enough to ski, but if you’ve gotta sit one out, this is the one to do it.


September 14, 2011

Apparently, I now smell like your refrigerator:

Also, it’s decidedly NOT invisible.


One other thing. I spent a few minutes today getting up to speed on upcoming movies, checking out the trailers on Rotten Tomatoes, reading IMDB, that sort of thing.

The latest from Lars von Trier and Kirsten Dunst, Melancholia, had a really effusive user comment that was also really really stupid.

So, here you go, today’s stupid user movie review of the day:
The only reason why I give this movie a 9 and not the perfect 10, is the signature Lars Von Trier’s always moving camera. At times, I thought I’d really like him to use a tripod and stop making ugly pans, because I nearly got dizzy 🙂

[sic. that is, her smiley face, not mine. also, i don’t know that she’s a she, but i suspect it.]

Really? You’re upset because you “nearly” got dizzy? You didn’t get nauseous. You didn’t faint and fall down. You didn’t get a headache.

You “nearly” got dizzy.

Yes, and I nearly lost weight this week because I nearly didn’t eat the entire package of Double Stuff Oreos.


The other day I wandered into the breakroom/kitchen to heat up my cup o noodles, and noticed a guy pounding on the vending machine. Apparently the previous customer had tried to buy some peanut M&Ms, only to have the package hang up in the curly dropper mechanism, and this guy was expending considerable energy trying to get a free bag of M&Ms. The bag was just hanging there, by a thread, and could only be saved by the elders of Israel.

Wait. Nevermind.

Anyway, getting free M&Ms from a vending machine is, of course, is a very worthy cause. So I helped. We went so far as to do the “one, two, THREE!” tilt of the machine toward us to try to wiggle the M&Ms free. I’m sure we would have made a captivating entry in the Darwin Awards for 2011. Just our limbs poking out from under a giant metal vending machine.

But no luck, and no M&Ms. So I said “hey, I’ve got a spare single in my pocket, let’s see if I buy a pack, the other pack drops. I’ll split it with you.”

I put in my dollar, and the hanging-by-a-thread M&Ms fell, but the next pack just assumed the hanging-by-a-thread position. Denied.

But my partner in crime whipped out a heretofore hidden dollar of his own.


And then he put both packs of M&Ms in his pocket and walked out. Without a glance, without a word.

Seriously? Is there not a shred of honor among thieves?

I guess the question is, am I different with different people, or am I the same, and the people are different with me?

For example, when I first started talking to Steve W about going into the backcountry with me, all I had to do was show him one picture of Bonkers with a foot of fresh, and he was in for anything and everything I would take him on. I’ve never heard Steve say “is it safe?” Rather, he says “How much did they get and when are we going?”

On the other hand, Burke, whom I got out a couple weeks ago for a foot of fresh in Days Draw (without Steve W, coincidentally, maybe even ironically), is 1 for 3. That is, the first time I asked him to come, he clearly wanted to go very much, but just didn’t trust me to keep him on top of the snow, rather than under it. After he saw the pictures, he vowed to never say no again. And so, he got his foot of fresh from time number two in Days.

But last night, when I told him we were headed up to take advantage of a late Spring snow storm that had dropped 12 inches and counting up Little Cottonwood Canyon, he spent the next hour on the avalanche website learning about the many ways to die in the backcountry. And thus, he’s 1 for 3.

Speaking of which. Here’s a terrible video from this morning. Until my 16 gig memory card arrives, I’ve been carrying the Flip for the climb and using the Contour on the goggles for the descent. But when we topped out on Flagstaff today, I discovered, or rather failed to discover, a missing goggle mount. So I tried filming with the Flip in hand. The results of which validate Cisco’s decision to discontinue the Flip.