now you have something to write in your blog

January 14, 2013

In a Friends episode, Joey, Chandler, and Ross are out trying to party like rockstars, but they run out of steam around 10pm. To make themselves feel better, they talk about how it’s okay because they’re not so young anymore:

Chandler: I’m 29 years old, damn it! And I want to sit in a comfortable chair, and watch television, and go to sleep at a reasonable hour.
Joey: Yeah, yeah. And I’d like to hang out in a quiet place where I can talk to my friends.
Ross: Yeah. And so what if I like to go home, throw on some Kenny G, and take a bath.
Joey: We’re 29; we’re not women.

Well, I’m no Ross, but, here it comes, I like to throw on some Pinback, grab a glass of cold milk, a big pile of double stuff Oreos, my magazine, and take a bath. There, I said it.

So, tonight, I’m taking a bath. Kim’s in the bedroom, reading. And I realize I’m missing some key ingredients.

“Hey, do we have any Oreos?”

“No. But we have some black licorice.”

Who among us is not, in this instance, reminded of something Jesus said?

“Which of you, if his son asks for bread, will give him a stone? Or if he asks for a fish, will give him a snake?”

I share Jesus’ admonition with Kim. And, without looking up, Kim says “Whatever, now you have something to write in your blog.”

10 Responses to “now you have something to write in your blog”

  1. steve Says:

    Kim, you’re my hero!!!! That there is funny. Doug, if you are going to all the trouble of putting up pinups and getting milk and reading material you should have planned better. Get with the perfect bath program would ya.

  2. Jeffrey Says:

    Actually, I think I’d rather have the snake than the licorice. BTW, may I recomend a belnd of 2/3 Lavender, 1/3 Rosemary and a dash of Chamomile. Make sure the temp is a constant 82 degrees and don’t forget the candles.

  3. jruss Says:

    Aha, what’s so special about the cheesemakers?

    -Well, obviously it’s not meant to be taken literally; it refers to any manufacturers of dairy products.

  4. Andy Says:

    Doug, you aren’t Kim’s son, and therefore she has no obligation to give you anything.

    • dug Says:

      andy, i see, you’re a scriptural literalist. you must also believe in a 6,000 year old earth and a talking snake.

      that’s cool. but in my world, WE ARE ALL KIM’S SON.

      not literally, of course.

  5. kanyonkris Says:

    Ya, Kim.

    Does super harmons deliver oreos to Suncrest? Dominoes should add oreos to their menu.

    What is “my magazine”? Or would answering put you in Ross territory?

  6. Mark Says:

    So if you did have Oreos in the house would Kim have delivered them to you in the bath? With a glass of cold milk? If yes, you must be doing something right.

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