coke and puppies

July 28, 2010

About halfway into filling my 44 oz cup with the good stuff this morning, I realized we had a problem, so I stopped filling, dumped it out, and started again.

Same issue—no syrup. Which, as any aficionado will quickly tell you, is no good. The best soda fountain purveyors not only keep the pipes clean, they get the magical mix right between carbonation and syrup. It’s an art.

Not today. But it wasn’t until my third attempt that I realized the problem (okay, MY problem). Which is that I’m too tall. Oh, and an idiot. That too.

photo (3)

See how both of those labels have some magical green to them. And some silver? And how the label on the right is right next to the ice?

Of course, if I were shorter, my view would have been better.

photo (2)

I do this at least once a week. Because, as I’ve mentioned, I am an idiot.

On another note. Here is Nala, patiently waiting for her best friend in the whole world to wake up:


This is the morning ritual. The moment she is free to wander, she wanders directly to this spot. She stays there until she is satisfied:

photo (1)


13 Responses to “coke and puppies”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I want that puppy!

  2. stevenbpt Says:

    even with your great height you should know that the diet coke with lime label is not as gaudy as the fresca label. Sheesh.

    On the other note, those are great pics!!!! Of Nala and Holden of course. I have to see soda fountains in person to get all excited about them.

  3. Rachel Says:

    Does Holden know you called him a puppy? Cuz your title refers to plural. Maybe that’s why Nala likes him so much.

  4. Steve The BigRide Says:

    I’m more worried about the disease ridden ice lever. Gross.

  5. Rick S. Says:

    Sage thinks Nala is her dog. Just so you know.

    • dug Says:

      tell her to stop calling and asking if she can talk to my dog.

      on second thought, don’t do that. it’s the cutest thing i’ve ever heard on a telephone.

  6. KanyonKris Says:

    Get rid of that redundant alarm clock – puppy is better.

    Is the puppy licking behind his ear? I just shivered thinking about that.

  7. bikemike Says:

    People, pay attention. What Dug was saying is that, like the puppy at his sons bed, he will remain vigilant at the Coke machine until he is satisfied. Of course, the message could just be that he and the puppy are both idiots. It could go either way, really.

  8. vocabularypolice Says:

    You can’t be too much of an idiot, because you not only used aficionado appropriately, you also spelled it correctly. Cheers!

  9. KanyonKris Says:

    The title of this post, “coke and puppies”, has me a little weirded out.

  10. Jenn Says:

    No offense, Dug, because I really do enjoy your writing, but I’m pretty sure you could put up nothing but photos of Nala and people would keep coming back. Just an idea…in case you’re feeling lazy one day.

  11. Sara-no-h Says:

    Diet soda is icky. That puppy is adorable, though!!!!

  12. Eric Says:

    Maybe it’s just me but that headline made me snort (yes, snort) before I read the post. Coke and Puppies. I thought it was going to be a porno about large chested girls in sweaters partaking of illicit substances.
    Yeah, I’m guessing it’s just me.

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