just how many lbs does the camera add?

February 13, 2011

I made yet another trek to Pink Pine with the gang on Friday. The long and the short is, I suppose, that we skied a great line with great snow.

Yay us.

The bummer is, well, at first I was going to say the bummer is that as we reached the top, I mistakenly thought that the helmet cam battery had expired. So I put it in my pocket.

But that’s not the real bummer.

Oh, and another (but not the real bummer either) bummer is that I broke my fourth Fritchi Freeride binding in four years.

Each year the warranty guys at Black Diamond slap a new toe piece on for me, and make me as good as new. But apparently it doesn’t take long for that new binding feeling to wear off. The metal rips/tears around one of the two screws in the toe piece, making for a decidedly loosey goosey climbing style.

At first, thinking I was screwed either way, I tried to keep climbing normally, but realized that the whole toe piece would separate if I did that. So I locked the heel down, and lowered the lifter on the other foot, and essentially dragged my right leg up the Pink Pine ridge for 30 minutes.

Consider this my plea to the good folks at Dynafit—I’m ready for a change.

As we reached the booter portion, I had brother in law Daniel take a little video to document the Igor foot dragging method.

But again, the foot of clay isn’t what turned out to be the worst part of the morning.

Here, I’ll show a picture of the line we skied, so you don’t think the day was a total loss.

pink pine east face daniel

But the horror? There was horror. When I discovered the camera battery wasn’t dead after all, I took a look at the tape. And found some Blair Witch type footage that is much much scarier than looking up my runny nose.

Before you watch it, let me just say, I’m wearing a heavy pack. And I have a beacon under my jacket. And spare gloves in my pockets.

Or, as Ross Geller once said, “I’m carrying a little extra holiday weight.”

You may need to watch it a couple times to get the full effect. Cue the screaming.


4 Responses to “just how many lbs does the camera add?”

  1. Shelle Says:


  2. KanyonKris Says:

    The fish-eye lens makes things looks smaller so you’ve got noth… oh, sorry bro.

    Genius use of Dark Side of the Moon as a horror track.

    Forget chupacabra, much more afraid of lurching yeti with claw hands crushing my throat.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    or as Chandler would say… “How many cameras are on you?”

  4. Grizzly Adam Says:

    I know that line!

    And you will enjoy the Dynafits.

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