a good day to do scotties

February 27, 2013

Me n Holden n Mark, we few, we happy few, did the early morning thing in Scotties Bowl this morning. And even though the skinner was in, even though we had that Wasangeles feel with headlamps ahead of us and headlamps behind us, and LCC got a foot while other places, you know, like BCC, got mostly nuthin, we still had a pretty good day. On a shot where you pretty much ski 2500 feet of north facing powder car to car.

scotties top looking down

hey, i can see my car

scotties holden coming down chute

holden chasing his sluff

scotties holden side in chute

crazy how you can see the city, kind of, over there

scotties holden below in chute

there goes holden

scotties holden looking down lower chute

there went holden

scotties holden close in chute

the skiing was good. real good.

Just before we dropped out into the bowl, Holden yelled “Hey, there’s a nice air to get out of the chute.”

I said “Um, mandatory?”

And he said “Don’t be such a baby.” And he turned and aired out into the bowl.

The whole drive home, he kept turning to me and saying “Hey Dad . . . Mandatory?”

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

scotties holden airing

little mandatory air exit from chute

scotties dug tips airing

Yes, I “aired” it

scotties holden lower bowl

good all the way down

Here’s the motion picture version:


One Response to “a good day to do scotties”

  1. kanyonkris Says:

    Mmm, such creamy powder.

    FWIW, I think you aired that out well.

    I liked the song. (I would ask the title/artist but I’m still shamed from not knowing the previous song was Prince.)

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